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GVD4E-7300 Portable Explosive Detector

The GVD4E-7300 is a hand-held device for rapid and effective screening of all the threat explosives including ICAO taggants, military plastics and TATP, using Luminol Chemiluminescence (Chemilumina). It detects bombs and explosives with a fast response time (typically 15 seconds). The detector does not use any external carrier gas or radioactive source. The GVD4E-7300 offers extremely fast and stable detection with very high selectivity for explosives.


Detection Principle Luminol Chemiluminescence - Disposable Cartridge
No Radioactivity No radioactive source and no licensing or radioactive calibration applicable.
Detectable Compounds Most military (including plastic) and commercially available explosives, C4, TNT, nitroglycerin, dynamite, PETM, Semtex, RDX, ANFO, ICAO, taggants, (DMNB, EGDN, o-MNT, p-MNT), urea nitrate, and TATP.
Sampling Capabilities Vapors and particulates - dual mode
Typical Sample/Analysis Time Sample: 5-30 seconds (user selectable based on application)
Analysis within 15 seconds
Initial Warm-up Time 30 seconds
Carrier Gas None required (ambient air)
Controls Power switch
Automatic vapor/particulate selector
volume control (with optional earphone)
Operational Status Indicators LED indicator lights
4 x 20 liquid crystal display (LCD)
Data Storage + Communications 1000 retrievable data records
RS-232 serial port for remote control and monitoring
Power Supply 12 volt DC rechargeable battery pack
External battery pack
12 volt AC adapter
Operating + Storage Temperatures 0° C - +55° C (+32° F - +131° F)
Storage 0° C - +65° C (+32° F - +149° F)
Weight + Dimensions Unit weight: 3kg in ABS engineered plastic shielded case
Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 51 x 14 x 11 cm
Shipping weight: 12 kg in steel reinforced, foam padded, protective carrying case

Price: On Request

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