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Fourth Generation Boomerang Non-Linear Junction Detector


  • Find covert electronic devices, even if they are not operating.
  • Quickly, reliably locates hidden tape recorders, radio transmitters, and amplified microphones.
  • 2nd and 3rd harmonic sensitivity differentiates between seimconductor junctions and dissimilar metals.
  • LED bargraph meters indicate relative strengths of returned 2nd and 3rd harmonic signals
  • Audible tone indicates detection of 2nd and 3rd harmonic signals.
  • Operator can listen to audio produced by unusual listening devices
  • Five hours of operation beween battery charges.
  • Two models available: FCC type approved BOOMERANG4 NJD-4 for use within the USA; and 500 milliWatt output BOOMERANG4 NJD-5 for government agencies.
  • Two-year factory warranty.
  • American made.

POR -- Boomerang NJD-4 Boomerang Nonlinear junction detector
POR -- NJD-5 Boomerang Nonlinear junction detector (For Export Only)

BOOMERANG4 Non-Linear Junction Detector locates eavesdropping devices during a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures sweep. BOOMERANG4 is the fourth and latest generation of juntion detectors, marking quantum improvements over existing detectors of clandestine listening devices, e.g., radio transmitters, tape recorders, amplified microphones, etc.

How BOOMERANG4 works...
BOOMERANG4 emits a low power microwave signal from its extendable antenna. When the signal is received by a tansistor, diode, or other semiconductor in a clandestine listening device ["bug"], the semiconductor radiates or reflects energy called harmonics.
BOOMERANG4 is equipped with a supersensitive receiver that detects second and third harmonic radiations, even if they are at an ultralow level. The operator can quickly identify the presence of electronic devices hidden within an area during a security survey.

State of the Art Technique
Previous non-linear junction detectors have had difficulty differentiating between semiconductors and dissimilar metals, false returns caused by sheetrock screws, steel studs, paper clips, rebar, etc.
BOOMERANG4 detects two different types of harmonic signals, displaying the difference between an actual "bug" and false return caused by dissimilar metals. Here's how...

No False Returns
Semiconductor components radiate a second harmonic.Upwards of 90% of the signal reflected by a semiconductor is this second harmonic. Dissimilar metals, on the other hand, reflect a significant quantity of a third harmonic.
By simply comparing the quantities of second and third harmonics on the LED bargraph meters, the operator can instantly determine whether a return is caused by a false return or a "bug".

Simple Operation
The antenna, mounted on the extendable handle, sweeps walls, cielings, or other objects being investigated, without physical contact. Even a non-technical operator can master the BOOMERANG4 after a few practice sessions.
Powered by self-contained rechargeable gel cell batteries, BOOMERANG4 will operate continually for over five hours before recharging. High Reliability
BOOMERANG4's state of the art electronic and production techniques utilize surface mount components and integrated circuits throughout. It's circuitry is designed to operate at low stress levels for longevity. Ultrastable crystal controlled oscillators provide trouble-free operation without the need for factory calibration or periodic maintenance.

Two Models
The BOOMERANG4 NJD-4 is available in a low power configuration, FCC approved for use by civilian groups within the U.S.A. The high powered BOOMERANG4 NJD-5, available to government groups, has a 500 milliWatt transmitter for greater detection range, especially in dense materials. The NJD-5 also has an integral multistep attenuator to allow the user to control the actual detection range by lowering the transmitter output.


Transmitter Power


Operating Frequency

Reciever Frequencies

Antenna Polarization


Operational Weight

Shipping Weight

Accessories Supplied
BOOMERANG4 100 milliWatts
BOOMERANG4 500 milliWatts

0 to 30 dB in 3 db steps


1830 MHz, 2745 MHz

Vertical/horizontal, with lockable swivle mount

Internal rechargeable gelcell batteries [12VDC], 110/220 VAC

16 lbs.

39 pounds

Headset- 110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz Charger

Two 7' Antenna Cables * Instruction Manual

Test Target * Shoulder Strap * Shipping Case

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