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Bullet-Proof Vests and Armor

Thank you for your interest in Electromax and Bullet-Proof Vests and Armor. Spectra Shield, 101 reasons to wear one. 50 in the front and 51 in the back! Will stop everything from a .44 mag to a 12 gage. Lightest bullet-proof fabric ever made (spectra fiber and spectra shield). Floats in water. Heat resistant. 35% stronger than Kevlar. 40% stronger when wet. NIJ approved. 10-year warranty on all ballistic panels.

Undergarmet Vest

Undergarment Vest. Full wraparound design, custom fitted for ultimate comfort. Generous cut gives protection to vulnerable body areas. Washable cotten/polyester carrier cover.

Undergarmet Vest

Undergarmet Vest

Undergarment Vest. Extended shirttails. Optional extra cover for external wear in choice of colors.

Breast Plate

Breast Plate The ultimate in additional lightweight ballistic protection. 12"x12" Plate weighs on 17 oz., provides Level III-A protection to chest area. Outperforms steel - no ricochets or spalling, with better protection against multiple hits.

Sternum Plate

Sternum Plate Additional lightweight ballistic protection to the vital sternum area. Two sizes available; 5"x8" plate weighs only 5 oz.; 7"x9" plate weighs only 9 oz. Available for undergarmet vest.

K-9 Protector

K-9 Protector Ballistic, cut and slash protection for valuable police dogs. Ballistic coverage of vital areas, yet allows ease of movement and easy on, easy off. Available in Navy blue, black and brown.

Prices on request only.

Colors Available are White, Brown, Beige, Navy Blue, Light Blue and Black.
Add 18% for garments larger than size 48. For all other vests: Tactical, Swat, K-9, please call for pricing.

Bullet-Proof Vehicles

Thank you for your interest in Electromax and Bullet-proof Vehicles.
Call for pricing, specifications, etc. and schedule a visit with us on site at our vehicle armoring factory.

Bullet-proof vehicle

Bullet-proof Vehicle

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K-9 Protector

Defense Systems Control Panel

Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen

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