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"CCTA 1000"

All You'll Ever Need For Privacy

CCTA 1000

Enter the latest technology in telephone privacy. The CCTA 1000 scans your telephone lines with computerized accuracy. Simply press a button and the CCTA will automatically perform a series of sophisticated tests. In just seconds any eavesdropping device will be detected and pinpointed in your telephone system. The CCTA does all the work.

Without any previous training you can easily debug your entire phone system- no matter how large or complex. The CCTA makes it simple by automatically displaying its own operating instructions every step of the way. It even shows you wherever connections are to be made with a series of lights. A digital display shows the last number dialed on your telephone and gives an up-to-date readout of your telephone characteristics.

The CCTA can also perform an electronic sweep of your premises to detect electronic sweep of your premises to detect hidden bugs, transmitters and tape recorders. An antenna probe plugs in and instantly transforms the CCTA to a sophisticated sweep system, leading you to the location of hidden eavesdropping devices in your car, home, or office.

The latest state-of-the-art technology makes the CCTA ultra compact, ultra lightweight. Like no other system before, the CCTA is the first computerized telephone analyzer that's portable. The entire system consists of a single briefcase that can travel easily. Wherever you go, the CCTA lets you travel in the age of computerized privacy.

Price: $18,500.00

  • State of the art technology (c mos & mos).
  • User access CCTA 1000 by entering 5 digit combination
  • Automatic fail mode built in.
  • Included in the computer system is a "last number dialed" memory to detect any unauthorized use of the subject tepephone.
  • All parameter test result desplays are produced simultaneously on high visibility digital components.
  • Testing procedure format has been programmed into the CCTA 1000.
  • Both radio frequency and tap detection modes are based on specialized built in software and hardware providing totally automatic search features.
  • The keyboard provides computer instructed data entry with a 4 x 4 alphanumeric input.
  • Operating instructions appear sequentially on a 2 line, 80 character display.
  • Fully microprocessor based.
  • OFFLINE: Impedance, Capacitance, Resistance in off-hook and on-hook modes
  • ON LINE: Voltage, Current, Tone Sweep (Tone Sweep is both automatic and manual) in off-hook and on-hook modes.
  • CCTA provides for Touch Tone Detection
  • R.F. Detection: R.F. Detector is an independant, high sensitivity device, computer controlled.
  • Wire Combination Tests: Automatic multi-line decoder for line parameter evaluation. Can be extended to full 25 pair testing when used in conjunction with MLJ 2001.
  • Equipped with two 16 bit M.P.'s

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