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"Chemical Detection And Monitoring - EMAX-NCBR-6666"




Portable hand-held, nuclear, chemical, biological and radiation detection and monitoring is available in an ergonomic design with the EMAX-NCBR-6666.

Selectable settings allow the EMAX-NCBR-6666 to be used as a detector which automatically clears down and resets following an alarm, or as a continuously-sampling monitor.

With superior interferent resistance
, the EMAX-NCBR-6666's state-of-the-art algorithm simultaneously detects nerve and blister agents, recognizes pepper spray and mace, and identifies hazardous compounds.

The EMAX-NCBR-6666 is powered from 6 internal alkaline or rechargeable "C" batteries.

Feature Options
  • Detects nuclear radiation
  • Detects chemical warfare agents and civilian threats
  • Detects biological warfare agents
  • Provides agent identification
  • Powered by commercial alkaline or rechargeable batteries
  • Provides superior interferent resistance
  • Selectable operating modes


  • Integrated radiation dosimeter
  • Data logging of all detection and monitoring events
  • Remote communication of alarm signals via radio frequency


Agents Detected GA, GB, GD, VX, HD, Lewisite (L), peper spray, mace
  • V - 4 ppb          30 seconds
  • G - 15 ppb        30 seconds
  • H - 300 ppb      15 seconds
  • L - 200 ppb       15 seconds

High concentration of these agents in 10 seconds.

Self Test BIT for electronic, pneumatic and power conditions
Operator Service 5 minutes per 24 hours of operation
Temperature Operation: -22F to 126F
Storage:     -80F to 160F
Size 4" x 3 1/2" x 11" (10 x 9 x 28 cm)
Weight 6 pounds (<3 kg) including batteries
Power 6 standard or rechargeable "C" batteries
Alarms Easy to read visual display and audio
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