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ElectroTele ELE-1400

Secure Wireless Communications

Secure voice communications when connected to data capable Digital CELLULAR or SATELLITE telephones.

  • Can be used to secure cellular, satellite and Globalstar Satellite communications
  • Operates on battery power or line power for security anywhere.
  • Very compact, light weight and easy to operate.
  • Headset for private discrete communications included.

ElectroTele ELE-1400

Voice Encryption
When connected to Globalstar Satellite User Terminals, data capable Digital Cellular telephones, Satellite telephones or virtually any PBX the ElectroTele ELE-1400 provides high-grade secure voice and data encryption. The ELE-1400 is so flexible, diverse, portable and easy to use why would anyone allow their personal and private communications to be sent over cellular or satellite channels unprotected. In this day and age, government, business and personal communications need to be kept confidential, encrypted information can not be decrypted and read by an unauthorized person.

The ELE-1400 contains the communication technology of ElectroTele, Inc. utilizing either the ultimate digital encryption algorithm of the day the CitadelTM CCX developed by Harris Corporation, the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or the Triple DES digital cryptographic algorithm.  The device is a compact and portable security system that is very easy to operate.



Encryption Algorithm:  Harris CITADELTM CCX, Triple DES or the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES): one algorithm per unit
Cryptographic Traffic Encryption Key:  3.4 x 1038 combinations (128-bit key length)
Minimum Communication Speed 2400bps throughput
Satellite/Cellular Telephone Interface: DB-9 Serial Connector
Weight: 3oz
Power Source:   90 to 240 Volts A/C 50 to 60 Hz
Battery:  Lithium Ion, providing up to 6 hours of secure operation in the wireless mode. Secure operation is possible while charging.
Power Consumption: .6 Watts
Dimensions:  5" D x 2.2" W x .375" H
(127mm D x 56mm W x 10mm H)


Specifications subject to change without notice


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