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"Specops FINDER Can Locate A Person's Heartbeat Under 30 Solid Feet of Concrete"

"Specops FINDER Features"

  • Optimized design and form factor for comfortable handling
  • Detection of heartbeat and respiration up to 91 meters
  • Sees multiple heartbeats; Sees thru smoke, fire and walls
  • Ability to operate in a stand-off mode (at a distance)
  • Graphical user interface with built in GPS capabilities and statistical reporting over Wi-Fi
  • Simple user interface and operation requiring no advanced training



Specops FINDER Radar Heart Beat and Respiration Victim Locator FINDER

FINDER uses low-power microwave radar to see through piles of rubble and detect heartbeats from buried and trapped victims. FINDER searches for the unique characteristics of human breathing and heartbeat to distinguish between humans, animals, and mechanical movement. It accurately identified multiple victims simultaneously and allows responders to rapidly focus their rescue resources where they are needed most. FINDER was developed by first responders within the intelligence, military, law enforcement communities in partnership with NASA, JPL, and DHS

FINDER Specifications:           Dimensions:      13" L x 8" W x 22" H
Weight: 25.75 lbs
Price: Call

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