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"Surveillance Sunglasses"

State of the art High-tech and High-end countersurveillance equipment sold at LOW wholesale prices !!! Why pay high prices at other shops??? Buy here at your wholesale spy world headquarters , ELECTROMAX INTERNATIONAL!!!"


Surveillance Glasses Surveillance Glasses
Wearing a pair of these spy glasses is like having eyes in the back of your head. You can check out all the action behind you any time you wish without causing suspicion. A special coating has been placed on the inside of the outer part of the lenses. To view the scene behind you, simply look at the extreme left or right and the field of view directly behind you will come into view as you turn your head slightly. To view the field in front as normal, simply look ahead. Designed to act as an ordinary pair of sunglasses until needed, they are black tint lenses and also offer UV protection. Great fun at the beach.


  • $7.50pc.
  • $6.00pc/1-dozen
  • $5.00pc/1-gross(144pcs)

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