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These "Special ingredients" are just what you may need in some "special situations" to fulfill the occasional unusual operational requirement of CIA and other federal agents, these products are now available for non-governmental sale. Use only with utmost discretion.

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blood.gif - 7103 BytesDoo Drops look and smell just like real diarrhea. Many useful applications, all of which will be left to your imagination. It's just like a tube of explosive diarrhea, except silent for stealth deployments. It comes in a handy dropper-top squeeze dispenser for rapid, realistic applications. All-natural. SMELLS LIKE CRAP.

SI-14 Doo Drops - Price: $7.50 


blood.gif - 7103 BytesThere are hundreds of potential uses for these movie-quality blood capsules. The simple fact is that nobody wants contact with blood today. Simply pop a capsule in your mouth and begin the appropriate scenario. 3 capsules per vial.

SI-2 Blood Capsules - Price: $7.50


blob.gif - 6599 BytesThe BLOB is similar to Liquid Nightmare, except that it works on petroleum-based liquids, such as gasoline or oil. Warning: Keep this stuff away from your gas tank or engine oil unless you plan on walking.

SI-13 The BLOB - Price: $7.50 


evacuator.gif - 6856 BytesThe "Evacuator" is made from a unique natural bark which is ground into a fine powder. When mixed with food or liquid, it will cause total uncontrollable "evacuation." Via the natural route. Stand CLEAR! Warning: not to be used on others without their consent.

SI-11 Evacuator - Price: $7.50 


vomit.gif - 6526 BytesJust empty this nasty little vial into a drink. First, the unfortunate drinker begins to feel queasy. Then comes the projection vomiting. Warning: not to be used on others without their consent.

SI-1 Vomit Fluid - Price: $7.50 


hellfire.gif - 6931 BytesDon't get this vial of concentrated discomfort on you! It itches, it stings, it burns. It's like thousands of fire ants biting you all at once. The only good news about it is that it eventually stops. For external use only. Warning: not to be used on others without their consent.

SI-6 Hellfire & Brimstone - Price: $7.50 


greengas.gif - 6797 BytesEmpty this little vial into a hot drink or hot food, wait about 10 minutes, and stand back! The natural herb in this elixir will cause major "natural gas" explosions every few seconds. No matter how hard your mark tries to hold back, there's no stopping these embarrassing eruptions. Warning: not to be used on others without their consent.

SI-5 Green Gas - Price: $7.50 

nightmare.gif - 6306 BytesWhen the amazing Liquid Nightmare meets up with liquid, it takes on a life of its own! It quickly begins to convert the liquid into a mass of sticky blob-like gel material. The potential uses are limited only by your imagination and deviancy, but keep the cap on tight, because these nasty little crystals can lead to everything from very sticky plumbing situations to distressed goldfish owners. Works on water-based liquids.

SI-12 Liquid Nightmare - Price: $7.50


keyscratch.gif - 6861 BytesThis stuff has an insatiable appetite for automobile paint. It eats everything it touches, right down to the bare metal. Once it hits bottom, it then starts spreading and devouring even more paint. Comes complete with mini-syringe applicator. Use only with extreme discretion.

SI-7 Liquid Key-Scratch - Price: $7.50


lockout.gif - 6770 BytesJust remove the micro syringe applicator from the bottle, select your target lock, and then inject the bottle's contents into the lock. One injection is all it takes to permanently render the lock inoperable. From car locks to house locks to padlocks, they're finished. Deploy only with extreme discretion.

SI-8 Lock-Out Drops - Price: $7.50 

roadkill.gif - 7036 BytesBefore you use this incredibly foul putrefier, take a moment to reflect on all the roadkill left out in the scorching sun. With this nice little vial, you now have the ability to creatively re-create this special odor at a time and place of your choosing.

SI-15 Liquid Roadkill - Price: $7.50


sneezing.gif - 7002 BytesYou can get satisfaction without messy face-to face confrontations by deploying this sneezing powder. Dust you mark's office, car, or Kleenex with powder. As soon as he starts moving around, the powder goes airborne and the effects begin.

SI-4 Sneezing Powder - Price: $7.50 


yellowteeth.gif - 7161 BytesJust pour this into a drink container (soda, coffee, etc.). Once your target finishes his drink, his mouth, teeth and tongue will have turned a most vomit-retching puke-yellow color! And he won't even know it, at least until he sees the horrified looks on other's faces as they try to keep from tossing their own cookies. "A drink before your speech, Mayor?"

SI-10 Nasty Yellow Teeth - Price: $7.50 


unnaturalgas.gif - 6156 BytesThis quiet little can fits in the palm of your hand. Just move in within a foot behind your mark and give his clothing a 3-second burst. After a couple minute's delay, this clinging spray will reach its full potency. No matter how hard he tries to fan the smell away, everyone around him will think something crawled up inside him and died. Not shippable by Air. Commercial manufacture.

SI-9 Un-Natural Gas - Price: $7.50 


stink.gif - 7094 BytesThese stink bombs are the ultimate "passive-aggressive" device. Someone illegally parked in a handicap zone? Rude behavior or bad service at a place of business? Leave an appropriate gift that keeps on giving for days.

SI-3 Stink Bomb - Price: $7.50


vomit.gif - 6526 BytesPurple Rain starts out as an innocen-looking green powder, but when it comes in contact with any moisture, watch out!This stuff keeps coming out with a seemingly endless supply of dark purple stain. Imagine a sprinkle of it in a strategic spot in the bathroom,the doormat where people wipe their wet shoes, the swimming pool area, the drinking fountain, etc.Caution: this will stain most anything. Use only with extreme caution and descretion!

SI-21 Purple Rain - Price: $7.50


This innocent-looking dust is actually a powdered OC (the same OC that's used in "pepper sprays"). Just imagine the surprise when this dust gets airborne, or stuck to one's fingers after a light dusting on, for example, a keyboard. Use with extreme discretion, as this is very potent. Packaged in squeeze-bottle applicator for ease of deployment.

SI-17 Panic Power - Price: $7.50 


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