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Cellular Monitoring System

Cellular Interceptor

The ELE-1500 Pro Cellular Monitoring System can be provided as a mobile or stationary system. The mobile system can be equipped with up to 8 channels and directly connected to a notebook and integrated into a suitcase. The power supply can be effected from a 12V DC car cigarette lighter connector. The system is vibration protected; shock-proof and has a wide operating temperature range. Our stationary system is mounted in a 19" rack cabinet and equipped with mobile car antenna or mast-mounted antenna. The cellular radio frequencies are fixed within 900 and 1800 MHz range; 850 and 1900 MHz are available optionally. The monitoring and decoding of cellular telephone networks data streams is based on the CDMA protocols.


  • Monitoring of radio frequency cellular channels within a range of 900 and 1800 MHz.
  • Cell sites data stream processing
  • Encrypted cellular systems tracking with a priority to unknown keys
  • Real-time data stream decoding and decrypting
  • Decrypting from ciphering mode A5/2
  • Decrypting from ciphering mode A5/1, if key number is known
  • Hopping and permanent channels acceptable
  • Automatic selection of indicated cellular phones for control
  • Advanced subscriber selection system (by PLMN number, IMSI, TMSI keys, mobile user location, operator ID, cell site ID, cell phone model, etc...
  • Selection possibility by distance from cell to target phone
  • Selection mode by class mark of target phones
  • Automatic TMSI and KC tracking
  • Cell sites database for mobile phone whereabouts tracking
  • Possibility of total monitoring (call by call) with common selection
  • Automatic trace to "hand off" channel
  • Automatic or manual control of the receivers
  • Fully automatic phone call recording
  • Events and messages filtering system
  • SMS and supplementary service tracking (with national alphabets support)
  • Recording and storage of all information on PC hard disk or external storage
  • Control for receiver's state and target lists available
  • Built-in database control for current voice archive files access
  • 24-hours per day continuous work
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