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"LSS-94429 Ruggedized SOLSAT Phone"

Make A Call To Anyone, Anywhere in the World!


The LSS-94429 SOLSAT phone will give you true independant and global interconnection to any destination or remote area in the world, whether you need high quality telephone calls, fax prints, data transfers or e-mail messages.
Designed in a ruggedized case, the TT-3060A, which is constructed of magnesium, will fulfill all your portable and fixed needs for a mobile telephone, extending your mobility from "GSM" coverage to true global coverage.
Due to the very sturdy design of hte Solsat phone and low power consumption (370mW typical in listen mode), the LSS-94429 will be your very best choice for any mobile requirements for military, government agencies, rescue activities, news gathering, construction site communications etc.
The Solesat Phone is operated from the handset just like a normal GSM telephone, from the 2-wire DTMF phone, interface, from a connected fax machine or from the data port using Hayes AT command sets.
The small and discrete flat panel antenna is sealed for true outdoor operation, and may be relocated up to 70 meters (225 feet) from the basic telephone. An optional bracket allows you to semi-fix the antenna installation during "office hours". A built-in acoustic signal strength indicator simplifies the whole set-up.
The LSS-94429 has a built-in NiCd battery for 48 hours listen time and approximately 2.5 hours talk time. Included is also a 15-25 Vdc solar panel.
Normal operation of the telephone is possible during battery charge operations from vehicle battery, an AC fast charger or solar panel. A spare battery pack is included with the Solsat Phone.

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General Specifications:
Inmarsat-phone spot-beam operation. Meets or exceeds current and proposed specifications.
ANTENNA: Directional RHCP Patch Array with +/- 15 degree elevation and +/- 15 degree vertical beam width.
G/T: -17 dB/K minimum
EIRP: 11 -17dBW in 2 dB steps.
ANTENNA CABLE: SMB/SMB male. Maximum cable loss 10 dB at L-Band, 1.8 ohms DC resistance.
Receive 1525.0 - 1559.0 MHz
Transmit 1626.5 - 1660.5 MHz
Rx-MODULATION: 5.6 kbps OQPSK SCPC (voice/fax/data), 6kbps BPSK TDM
Tx-MODULATION: 5.6 kbps OQPSK SCPC (voice/fax/data), 3kbps BPSK TDM
VOICE: 4.8kbps AMBE 3.6 kbps voice, 1.2kbps FEC.
ASYNC. DATA RATE: Max 2.4 kbps.
PHONE INTERFACE: 2-wire 600 ohm CCITT Rec. G.473, standard DTMF telephones,RJ-11 jack.
FAX INTERFACE: 2-wire 600 ohm CCITT Rec. G.473, T.30 Group-III Fax, max. 2.4 kbps, RJ-11 jack.
DATA INTERFACE: Serial EIA standard RS-232E, Hayes compatible, max. 19.2 kbps, DB-9 female connector.
Serial EIA standard RS-232E, max. 19.2 kbps, DB-9 female connector.
SIM CARD: GSM like operation,ISO-7816.
POWER SUPPLY: 9-18Vdc, typical 370mW listen mode, 8W talk mode and 20W in fax/data mode.
SOLAR PANEL: 15-25Vdc input, .39 amps (at load), 6watts
BATTERY CAPACITY: Typical listen time 48 hours, talk time typical 150 minutes and fax/data time 50 min.
FAST CHARGE ADAPTER: 90-265 Vac, 40-70 Hz, 15W, charge time 2 hours.
AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -25C to 55C operating, -40C to 80C storage.
RELATIVE HUMIDITY: 95% non-condensing at 40C.
VIBRATION SURVIVAL: Random 5-20 Hz 0.05 g/Hz, 20-150 Hz -3dB/Oct. (1.7g rms).
SHOCK: Half sine, 20g/11ms.

LSS-94429 Solsat Phone:
6.5" x 16.5" x 12", 16.5 lbs. (including ruggedized case, TT-3060A mini-M, LSS-98427 Solar Panel, Fast Charger, Spare Battery, Cables & Manual

TT-3060A mini-M:
2" x 10.7" x 8", 4.8 lbs. (including handset, battery pack and antenna).

LSS-98427 Solar Panel: 1.3" x 13" x 7", 2.0 lbs.

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