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OSCOR - Omni Spectral Correlator

The most technologically advanced countersurveillance package on the market today! Silently monitors and detects threats 24 hours a day, automatically!

oscar1.gif - 28258 Bytes Featuring:

  • High Sensitivity Digital Synthesized Receiver: 10KHz to 3000MHz coverage including audio and infrared
  • Active Antenna Array: Selects each element as needed including tape detection
  • Silent Sonic Correlator: Listens to each signal for an accoustic pattern match
  • Strip Chart Plotter: Provides a "hard copy" of spectrum profiles or date for future comparisons
  • Record Output: Will store on tape actual "bug" audio or high threats.
  • Attache Style Packaging: Folds into a convenient "carry-on" package

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a portable micro-computer controlled scanning spectral correlator. It will scan from Audio (50Hz-15KHz), Radio VLF-Microwave (10KHz-3000MHz) to Infrared (850-1070nm) and utilize passive sound-pattern matching to automatically recognize a surveillance device. In the Automatic Mode, the unit will continuously scan all bands for acoustic pattern correlation and then alert you to the presence of a surveillance device by your choice of a silent alert or audible tone.

Accoustic Correlator
Similar to human hearing, this system instantly recognizes complex sound patterns arriving from both the REFERENCE and received audio channels. Most room environments contain many "passive" sounds -- air conditioners, computers, talking, etc. -- which OSCOR(TM) uses as an audio REFERENCE source. The Correlator then searches for an acoustic pattern match between the room's passive REFERENCE sounds and any identical information received while scanning to provide you with a positive I.D. without alerting the eavesdropper.

  • Designed specifically for technical surveillance countermeasure testing
  • Application specific software with plug in program key
  • Rechargable battery or 120/240 VAC power
  • Memory "snapshots" of displayed data can be saved and reviewed
  • Single button selection of automatic or manual modes

One Button Decision One Button Decision...
Specialized Automatic programs enables OSCOR to perform its duties the same way highly trained operators would, except much faster, and 24 hrs per day. Manual operation is enhanced by features like: seek to next signal with auto tune, sweep/analyze which jumps between wide spectrum analysis profiles, and individually tuned demodulated signals. Even when you're listening to a suspicious signal, OSCOR's correlator can hear beyond human thresholds.
Silently Listens Silently Listens...
REFERENCE audio is provided by the built in microphone as it listens to the sounds within the target area (room noise or background music). Other inputs may be used such as external microphones or inductive pick-up coils connected to telephones under test.

Captures the weakest signals Captures the weakest signals...
The active antenna array captures the weakest signals with its four elements, each selected by control of the computer when needed. Specialized antennas like a VLF "MAGNETIC" loop with switched narrow tape recorder detection band and a 360o infrared detector further enhance OSCOR's capabilities.
Sensitive, Fast, Accurate...

Sensitive, Fast, Accurate...
The synthesized receiver rapidly acquires new signals with features like: seek to next signal, auto tune, auto squelch, and full compliment of I.F. bandwidths and demodulators including subcarrier; "OSCOR has the stuff". For precise, accurate frequency settings, the variable rate optical encoder allow fast moves across the spectrum with rapid rotation. Other specialized controls allow you to adjust the displayed frequency span for either wide-range viewing or close-ups of profiles. Function Buttons F1-F4... Allow selection of input source, I.F. bandwidth, demodulator, attenuator, or special functions. The MENI button allows customization of internal programs.

Sweep, Acuire
Swept Spectrum Analysis profiles indicate frequency and levels of each signal. Suspicious signals which may be "out of band" or showing the highest levels are easily identified.

Demodulated close-up
Pressing the sweep/analyze button, OSCOR will jump from the wide sweep spectrum screen to a detailed close up view of individual signals along with a demodulated screen and status bar graphs.

Correlation and threat
The spectral correlator compares each received signal with the audio reference information and plots correlation values. Threat level is increased from 1-5 as correlation value rises.

Sweep, Acquire

Demodulated close-up

Correlation and threat

Deluxe Package (ODP-5000) for pricing

OPC-5000 3.0

OSCOR PC Software Interface
OPC-5000 Original Capabilities
  • Upload, Download, and permanently store signal database information.
  • Program the OSCOR afor automatic operation.
  • Signal labeling using International Frequency Bands.
  • Customized reports and frequency spectrum graphs.
  • Signal database comarison reports and charts.
3.0 Software Advancements
  • Realtime RF Spectrum Display provides complete control of OSCOR from a PC computer.
  • Comparison of Stored RF Spectrum with realtime Spectrum provides rapid indication of a new threat signal.
  • Advanced Correlation provides increased reliabiliy for automatically identifying Eavesdropping devices. Utilizes white noise, CD audio, or ambient room noise for correlation.
  • Provides the capability to locate an analog bugging devices using white noise sound source.
NGA-5000 is a noise generation and audio amplifier that is required to perform the advanced audio correlation proccess. Call for pricing.

The above display subracts the "inside" environment from the "outside" friendly RF spectrum. Blue spectrum shows a new threat signal in the environment.
OVM-5000 Video Option Multi Formats
OVP-5000 Video Patchcord
OAR-5000 Audio Tape Recorder with Cable
OTL-5000 Triangulate and Locate Option
MPA-5000 Modular Phone Adapter
CLA-5000 Cigarette Lighter Adapter
LPE-5000 Locater Probe Extra Cable
MIC-5000 Microphone (For Remote Monitoring)
MPC-5000 Multi-purpose cable (12ft.)

Additional OSCAR Accessories include:

NGA-5000 Noise Generator for use with PC Software 3.0...................... call for pricing
VBA-2400 Video Booster Antenna for 2.4 GHz........................................ call for pricing
MDC-2100 Microwave Down Convertor (3 GHz to 21 GHz)....................................... call for pricing
OPC-5000 PC Interface Option.............................................. call for pricing
OEM-5000 Extra Memory (512K)......................................... call for pricing
OIF-5000 IF Output (10.7 Mhz)......................................... call for pricing
TKC-5000 Tool Kit Case (identical to OSCAR Case)......... call for pricing


RF System:
RF Receiver Type: Quad Conversion Super Hetrodyne with 3 phase locked loop synthesizers.
RF Frequency Coverage: 100kHz-3000MHz.
Tuning Resolution: 100Hz.
Sensitivity: .8u TYP. with 15kHz BW (+ 15dBm MAX).
Demodulators: AM, FMW, FMN, FM, SC, SSB/CW, (Video Wideband Output Optional).
I.F. Bandwidth: 250 kHz, 15kHz, 6kHz, (1kHz optional).
Attenuators: 0,-20d/b at active whip and VLF-MF input.
Dynamic Range: 90dB.
Subcarrier Tuning Range: 15kHz-125kHz.
Antenna Types: Balanced Loop 10kHz-500kHz (35-45kHz Narrow)
Active Whip: 500kHz-1500MHz
Discone: 1500MHz-3000MHz
Infrared Detector: 10kHz-5MHz, 850-1070 nm
AC Carrier Current: 10kHz-5MHz (Balanced Across Power Line).
Audio System:
Frequency Response: 50Hz-15kHz
Voiceband Filter: 300Hz-3000Hz-18dB/Octave.
AGC Dynamic Range: 60dB.
Output Power: 3W @ 4OHMS.
Headphone Output: 0-2V ms @ 220 OHMS.
Record Output: 50mV ms (with AGC) @ 500 OHMS.
Remote contact: Normally Open (200mA 32V MAX).
Balanced Auxillary Input: .5V RMS Nominal @ 600 OHMS.
Reference Audio Input: 1mV-1V ms @ 3.9K OHMS.
Sonic Correlator: 50Hz - 15kHz (Frequency Independent).
Audio Alarm: 3 level Programmable Two Tone Ringer.
Squelch: Automatic digital or manual control over full display range.
Headphones: Low acoustic leakage; 16 OHM output limited to 105dBSPL.
Control System:
8/16 Bit Microcontroller.
256 (512K Optional) Static RAM Memory.
I/O Port: RS-232, (MS-DOS compatible software optional)
Optical Encoder 128 Pulse/Rev with variable count radio.
Program Key 32 Byte ROM.
Display: 128x256 Segment Graphics Supertwist LCD.
Printer: 192 Dot per line Graphics on 2" wide thermal paper.
Power System:
AC Input: 105-130/210-260 VAC, 50-60Hz, 24 WATTS
EXT DC Input: 12-18 VDC, 1 AMP MAX
Internal Battery: 12.6V, 2.2 Ah 3 hour operation per charge typical

Size: 18.5, 14.5, 6.25 in. 47, 36.8, 15.9 CM
Weight: 28 lbs, 12.7 KG.

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