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"The Palladium 4.5 RF Bug and Portable Sweep Detector"

The Worlds Smallest and Most Powerful Bug Detector

Palladium 4.5 Pro-vibe RF detector

The PALLADIUM 4.5 packs the performance of a professional countermeasures system into a pocket-sized device. It is ideal for sweep operations before sensitive meetings. Beforehand, transmission can be detected and verified (with audio and visual alert) and a silent sweep can be conducted with a headphone connected. During a meeting the device can be concealed inside a pocket and operate in silent vibration alert mode. The PALLADIUM 4.5 is built to the highest specifications, is easy to operate and reliable.

Price: $3,500.00

  • Frequency Coverage: 10MHz to 4.5GHz
  • Body-worn Real Time Vibration Alert Facility
  • Detection and Confirmation Modes
  • Excellent Sensitivity
  • Can be Operated Silently
  • High Gain, Low Noise SMD Circuitry
  • Small Enough to Conceal in a Pocket

Detection Capability: All transmitter types including AM, FM, Sub-carrier, Carrier only, SSB, DSBSC, Scrambled, Frequency hopping, and other spread spectrum types.
Frequency Coverage: 10MHz to 4.5GHz.
HF Gain: 35dB.
HF Gain with Pre-Amplifier: 60dB.
HF Input Impedance: 50 ohms.
Internal Broadband Amplifier Noise: <2dB.
AF Gain After Detection: 95dB.
Output Impedance: 8 ohms.
AF Frequency Range: 700-6000Hz.
Power Source: 9v PP3 battery.
Sensitivity Controls: Tuning knob adjusts core sensitivity level. Switch adjusts to two sensitivity levels (high and low).
Indicators: Selection of operation mode by rotary switch: off, detect mode, confirm mode, silent vibration alert mode.
Illuminated Indicator: 6 element LED bar graph.
Audible Indicator: Tone from internal loudspeaker or headphone (bleep).
Antennae: 1) Semi-flexible whip (for general sweep operations).
2)Flexible (for concealed use).
Casing: Steel frame with ruggedised suede paint finish.
Weight: 250g.
Size: 115x60x20mm.
Accessories: Earphone, Antennae, Test transmitter, Presentation case.

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