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SoundPro III Shotgun microphone


Now Records what you hear with the Sound Pro III shotgun microphone!

2 GB Internal storage / 530Hrs Record time.

The Sound Pro III shotgun microphone is our most powerful unidirectional microphone system. Includes a 10" microphone actually is two microphones in one. One high power microphone element faces forward to capture sounds that are "aimed" at. The second microphone "cancels" noises coming in from the sides, thereby creating the "extended range" effect. The Sound Pro III shotgun microphone features a background noise filter switch and output jack for Headphones, comes complete with microphone handle, Premium digital quality headset, slide lock hard carry case. Press record and capture every sound. This compact and convenient digital voice recorder goes wherever you do to confidently capture and store audio with a built-in 2GB flash memory providing up to 530 hours of recording time, plus additional storage available through the microSD™ memory card slot (memory card sold separately). With Intelligent Noise Cut technology greatly reducing background noise, your recordings will be crisp and clear in quality. Other features include Voice Operated Recording technology, a built-in speaker and an easy-to-read display. So slip this digital voice recorder into your pocket and know you'll never miss a beat—even during the longest sessions.

Item Name: SoundPro III Shotgun microphone
Price: $325.00

Custom Lithium Powered, Amplified "Pen Microphone"
This unique microphone looks exactly like an ordinary ball point pen. Hidden within, however, is a small omni-directional electric condenser microphone, 300 hour lithium power cell, and 10X amplification circuit capable of picking up conversations at over 25 feet away! Unit comes complete with 5 ft. mini-cable, carry case and lithium battery. (Spare lithium battery also included)

Item: Lithium Powered Pen Mic w/ 3.5MM Mini Plug
Item Number: PM-10
Price: POR


The EAR-200 will listen to virtually any surface with the built in contact element. Simply place the contact against the surface to be tested (metal, air ducts, plumbing, conduit, windows, walls, etc.) The internal automatic gain control will deliver clear, undistorted sound.
The EAR-200 can be connected to any standard type recorder. The recorder output can also be used with audio spectrum analyzers and other measurement equipment for detailed analysis.


Weight: 120 Grams Size: 2.4" x 3.8" x 1.2"
Power: 9 Volt Battery (MN1604 Alkaline)
Features: Record Output, Automatic Gain Control
Warranty: 1 year

Item Name: EAR-200
Item Number: EAR-200
Price: $260.00

Output Impedance:
Frequency Range:
Current Drain:
S/N Ratio:
Overall Length:
Electret Condenser Microphone
-60dB (1 kHz )db=1V/µbar)
600 ohms (1kHz)
50Hz - 10 kHz
(1) AA Battery
1mA max.
40dB or more (1kHz, JISA-cureve)
16" (406mm)

Frequency Response: 300Hz - 3000Hz, tailored for voice
Preamplifier: Ultra low noise (1dB),
Gain 40dB typical
Power Amplifier: Gain 45dB typical,
Distortion 0.2% T.H.D @125mW
Dimensions: 3.8 x 2.4 x 1" (97 x 61 x 25mm)

32 ohms
-102dB @ 1mW
Individual Controls

Parabolic Microphone

The Dan Gibson Parabolic Microphone

For its size, this is probably the world's best "parabolic" microphone. Developed over a three year research period and constantly updated, this professional quality "long range" microphone is widely accepted by video, film, and recording engineers the world over as the "best in its class." Unit comes complete with a vinyl covered "hard" carrying case with fitted compartments for the microphone components. Assembles ready for use in less than two minutes. Unit operates on 2 9-volt batteries. Includes all parts shown on diagram, carrying case, and tape recorder connector cable.


The newly designed EPM Parabolic microphone is a high performance uni-directional mic perfectly suited to the requirements of the motion picture and broadcast industries, tape recordings, monitoring, and other applications.

The EPM is one of the most directional microphones ever produced: making it possible to hear and record voices, sounds, practically anything - to professional standards without having the mic anywhere near the source. In fact, normal conversation can easily be heard at 400 feet away! (assuming excessive wind or other "backgroung" noises are minimal) The superb controlled dynamic capsule provides complete pick-up from the entire 18-3/4" parabola shield. The excellent directivity of the EPM rejects unwanted background noise, giving the highest signal to noise ratio possible.


The EPM is capable of picking up and magnifying signals up to 75 times that of a normal omni-directional microphone while remaining virtually imperviouse to overload.

Item Name: The Dan Gibson Parabolic Microphone
Price: $1,600.00

Works with any tape recorder. This pencil eraser size microphone picks up normal conversation at distances of 25 feet or more. Includes tie clasp connector, battery, and 5 FT. cord. Uses 1.35 volt mercury battery. Features include on/off switch and wind screen. Unit is also compatible with public address and paging systems.   

Item Name: Electric Condenser Tie-Clasp Microphone
Price: POR

mmc100.gif - 7802 Bytes MMC-100 AREA MONITORING - F.E.T. MINI-MIC WITH 100 FOOT MINI CABLE
Our most powerful mini microphone! Electric condenser element is smaller than a pencil eraser and capable or recording normal conversation at 50 FT. Supplied with 100 FT. mini co-ax cable and 9-volt battery which last for over 400 hours. Unit features on/off switch. Volume control and 3.5 mm plug. (Not compatible with low level RCA type plug inputs)

Item Name: MMC-100 Area Pro Mic - 50 ft
Price: POR

Item Name: MMC-100 Area Pro Mic - 100 ft
Price: POR

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