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"PNG-200 Portable Noise Generator"

The PNG-200 is designed as a portable acoustic noise generating unit that can be used in a variety of ways. Single units can be used for noise masking to protect close proximity private conversations. When multiple units are used in concert, a complete masking system can be easily installed in any environment. Multiple PHG-200 units can be quickly mounted to walls and windows for direct perimeter masking (similar to the ANG-2000 noise masking system) or simply scattered about to fill an environment with acoustic noise.

png200.gif - 3575 Bytes Features:
  • Optimized voiceband noise masking for acoustic interference against listening devices. (Acoustic noise is tailored to voice frequencies).
  • Mounts easily to windows using suction cup (included) to defeat high tech laser threats.
  • Mounts easily to walls for protection against listening devices that rely on acoustic leakage (i.e. contact mics, spike mics, human ear).
  • Portable: Can be carried easily in coat pocket. Multiple units fit in a briefcase.
  • Stylish anodized aluminum construction designed for ruggedness and portability.


Size: 5.38 x 3.38 x 1.25in. (13.67 x 8.59 x 3.18mm)
Weight: 12oz. (340.2g)
Audio Grequency Range: 300Hz - 3kHz
Output Sound Level: MAX 92 dB @ 4 ft.
Power: two 9 volt alkaline batteries; optional AC transformer (120 or 240 VAC)
Battery life: typically 7 hrs. at 1/2 level; 2 hrs. at full level.
Includes: carrying case, AC transformer, and suction cup window/wall mounting kit.
Price: $260.00

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