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Rapiscan MAX - Mobile Advanced X-Ray


The Rapiscan MAX is designed to quickly and accurately scan large trucks, cargo containers, or any size vehicle for contraband and explosives.

  • Truck and trailer combination
  • Truck transports and deploys the x-ray generator and tows the Vehicle Under Inspection (VUI)
  • Trailer houses the image analysis cabin, power generator, cable bridge and detector box
  • Excellent mobility - Can travel on most road surfaces and over long distances.
  • Easy to deploy and operate
  • Can resolve wire resolution of 24AWG and can penetrate up to 90mm
  • Self Contained with all equipment included in one package
  • Robust - Can effectively operate in rain as well as dry, arid conditions
  • Operator's compartment is fully insulated, environmentally sealed and air-conditioned

The MAX With Detector Boom and Generator Stowed

Click HERE for a diagram showing the MAX in scanning mode



Resolution 24 AWG wire, typical
Penetration Up to 90mm steel
Scan Speed 1.2 miles per hour average (2 km per hour)
Power Onboard diesel generator
Detector Array Single array, single energy
System Dimensions on the road 18mL X 2.5mW X 4mH
System Footprint (Deployed) 10mL X 10mW
System Weight <35,000 Kg (77,000 lbs) - Regionally Dependent
Turn Diameter 21m
Maximum VUI* Size 2.5mW X 4.25mH X 50mL
Tugging Limit 40,000 Kg (88,000 lbs)
Source 450 Kv, 6mA



Zoom (1/4 X up to 8 X)
Invert Brightness
Quick Optimize for large uniform objects
VDZ - User specifies start and end point for linear expression of brightness
Image Archiving
Pseudo Color
3 Penetration levels
Crystal Clear
6 CCTV Cameras
Black and White Imaging

* Vehicle Under Inspection

Price: Available Upon Request

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