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What is a Ghillie Suit? Day or night, the trained wearer of the Ghillie Suit (Ghillie Lite) becomes "invisible" to any onlooker, even at close range. Supplied originally to US Military sniper schools, the Ghillie Lite is the perfect choice for predator control or for surveillance operations. Durably constructed and built to last under the harshest environments, the Ghillie Lite actually improves concealment with age and use. There is no better camouflage in the world today! Several different color schemes allow the wearer to be invisible under any tactical condition, even in urban areas.
Cool & Lightweight
One Size Fits All
Fire Retardant
Military-Style Camouflage
Improves with Age
Prices: Civilian Special Operations Ghillie Suit - POR
Light Tactical Ghillie Suit - POR
Full Tactical Ghillie Suit - POR
Light Military Ghillie Suit - POR
Full Military Ghillie Suit - POR
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sniperpad.gif - 5779 Bytes SPD - SNIPER'S PAD

This roll-up shooting pack is perfect for tactical deployment as well as competitive shooting requiring multiple shooting positions. It's constructed of 1000 denier Corduraltm - compatible pouch for rehydration. Size: 32" x 84". Weight: 5 lbs. Color: black.

Price: POR


smokegrenade.gif - 4728 BytesThe Commando Smoke Grenade generates 40,000 cubic feet of smoke. It can be used for a variety of applications, including disaster training, fire fighting exercises, smoke screens, air-flow studies, war games, etc. Smoke color: white/gray. Size: 1 1/2" diameter x 6" length. Fuse delay: approximately 10 seconds. Use with caution and discretion. Not shippable by Air.

Price: $15.00
CSG-12 Case of 12: $150.00

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