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Here is a view of the system and a sample image produced by the SECURE 1000™. Several concealed objects can be seen in the front scan: coins in the pocket, snaps on the trousers and C4 plastic explosives hidden near the waist. The shin bones can also be seen since they are very near the skin. In the rear scan, a wallet is visible and a 38 caliber handgun has been concealed near the small of the back.

Rapiscan’s Secure 1000™ Body Scanning System is a safe, non-intrusive screening system that rapidly and accurately images metallic and non-metallic objects concealed on a person’s body, enhancing security, while reducing the need for physical “hands on” searching.

The Secure 1000™ allows the operator to detect threats by imaging explosive materials such as dynamite, C-4, Detasheet®, as well as ceramics, graphite fibers, plastic containers, plastic weapons, glass vials, syringes, packaged narcotics, bundled paper currency, and even wooden objects. The individual being screened stands in front of the system for a 6 second front, rear and 2 side scans. The digital image is immediately displayed on the security operator's computer screen showing the shape and location of objects hidden under the clothing.

The Secure 1000™ operates by scanning the subject with a narrow beam of x-rays. Some of these x-rays will be reflected by the body as backscatter in the opposite direction, and be gathered by sensitive x-ray detectors. Advanced image processing algorithms use this information to generate the images.

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Scan Acquisition:
Scan Rate: Less than 8 seconds per view
Display: 17 Inch high-resolution color monitor

Emission per Scan: Less than 10 microREM per scan

Main Controls: On/Off Switch; 110V or 220V 50/60 Hz; 10 Amp
Operators Controls: Scan Start, Menu Select, Menu Enter
Indicators: Power On, Scan in Progress

Physical Details:
Physical Dimensions (uncrated): 48.75 inches wide x 36 inches deep x 79.5 Inches high (123x92x202cm)
•Floor Space: 11.5 Square Feet (1.1 Square Meter)
Overhead Clearance: 80 Inches (204 Centimeters) Minimum
Unit Weight: 1097 Pounds (499 kilograms)

•1 Year

Price: Available Upon Request

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